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Serendipity can be found in numerous places; in fact, it’s all around us. So what exactly is serendipity, and what does it have to do with gardening? Serendipity is making unexpected discoveries by chance, and in the garden, this happens all the time. There are new things to be seen or uncovered everyday, especially in the garden.

How much of your day are you willing to use maintaining your roses? Do you want to spend most of your waking hours in the garden, or are you more of a low-maintenance type of person? There are quite a few varieties of roses which are very high-maintenance. Although, they will look great in your garden, they will also take much of your time. The classification known as “Modern Roses” are very attractive, long blooming, and exceptionally aromatic, then again they are very high maintenance and are susceptible to diseases.

For some people, a garden is more than a huge space with greenery. It is a place that can be transformed into a source of unlimited happiness and energy. People like gardens because it can be a source of food. You can simply pick something out for dinner. In addition, growing your own food is relatively cheaper compared with buying those that are ready-to-eat. As long as you don’t spend much money on gardening tools and products, you will be able to save tons of money that can be used for something else.

Fish are very easy to grow, they are one of the most common pets in American homes. Their wastes are also full of organic plant nutrients. The biggest problem with raising fish is keeping their water clean. Plant roots are great at cleaning the water by filtering these materials out. This makes fish and plants a perfect match.

Pasture wire and chicken wire are both good choices for tomato cages. Cut a length of 5 1/2 feet, cut off the bottom edge of the wire, form a circle and push the ends into the ground. Drive a few short pieces of wood into the ground around the cage to give it extra support.

Herbs may be harvested more than once per season. Cut the annuals back as far as you like, but be more careful with your perennials. They should never have more than a third of their growth removed at a time.

Your Garden Planningneeds to take into account how much space you can devote to your new pursuit. It will be easier to plan your vegetable garden if you first make a sketch of your yard, then go and measure it, writing your measurements on your sketch.

Getting the right look in you garden takes a lot of planning. You simply can’t go to the garden store and randomly choose plants as there are many things to consider such as light conditions, soil conditions and surrounding plants. A well planned garden will have plants that thrive and compliment each other but a randomly chosen garden will look haphazard and may even be bad for the health of your plants.

No, we are not talking about a group of tomatoes that meets once a week to discuss the problems of cutworms and societal expectations. It is time for you to decide whether to stake the plants or cage them. If you want fewer tomatoes that are bigger than you should use staking. Caging will give you more tomatoes, but they won’t be quite as big.

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